The mission of The Together Doll™ is simple, it’s to bring people together. We believe that a loving thoughtful connection with others is one of the most important aspects of life. The goal of The Together Doll™ is to provide a unique, fun, humorous, and loving way to express the importance of this connection.   The Together Doll™ is also a community of caring people. It’s a place to share experiences, hopes, and ambitions for connecting to the ones we love.

Together Mission™ is a project that promotes these ideas, and reaches out to those that could use it most. We are constantly on the lookout for Charities, Institutions, Groups, and Individuals that would like to use The Together Doll™ for their cause. These are exciting events that show exactly how The Together Doll™ can help bring people together, provide hope, and if we’re lucky – a smile.

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