Privacy Policy

“The Together Doll™” and/or “Fresh Fit, LLC” must collect certain information in order to operate this Website and to fulfill your requests or enable participation in certain online activities. But “The Together Doll™” and/or “Fresh Fit, LLC” respects the privacy of its visitors. By signing-up for an account you are opting-in to allow us to store minimal personal information, cookies, etc. We shall comply with all applicable data protection laws.

We have adopted reasonable security measures to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the personal information under our control. Our partner Paypal uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)technology to protect credit card data during transmission, and adopt careful internal procedures to safeguard this information in their system. “The Together Doll™” and/or “Fresh Fit, LLC” does not collect credit card data whatsoever. Vendors, service providers, and others who help us make this Website and our products and services available must sign confidentiality agreements; they are not permitted to use personal information except in connection with their services to “The Together Doll™” and/or “Fresh Fit, LLC”. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee complete security of personal information.

Submission of Personalization Information

We “The Together Doll™” and/or “Fresh Fit, LLC” will not share any personalization information that you the customer provide to us via this site or any other form of communication. Any images or text used to personalize your The Together Doll™ or any other product we sell will only be used for that purpose. “The Together Doll™” and/or “Fresh Fit, LLC” will NOT accept any responsibility, or be held liable for the use, storage, or loss of any provided personalization information.

Customer Stories

Here at we find it important to share customer stories how The Together Doll™ brings people together. We also find it important that All customers stories be anonymous as much as possible. No real names will be used and any made up name used will be for the sole purpose of telling the story. Any images you submit for your customer story will only be used for the purpose of telling the customer story. By submitting a story you will be accepting our Terms & Conditions and all information submitted is subject to our Terms & Conditions.