Frequently Asked Questions:

How should I care for The Together Doll™?

  • DO NOT SUBMERGE or machine wash with the VOICE RECORDER PLAYER installed!
  • If soiled, first try gently spot cleaning with water and a disposable cloth. If necessary, machine wash ALONE, gentle cycle, cold water, mild detergent. NO BLEACH.
    To dry, wrap in a disposable cloth and press gently to remove excess water, let air dry.
  • If The Together Doll™ gets wet: Use a disposable cloth to pat dry and let air dry completely. Do not put in dryer.
  • The Together Doll™ is very durable, but not indestructible. For longest life, try not to “excessively” stretch or bend. Also, beware of dogs. 😉

What if  I want a theme that you don’t have?

  • We are adding new design themes all the time, but if you have a particular theme in mind please Contact Us.

What if I want two or more dolls with the same theme, but different faces?

  • Add multiple quantities of the same theme to the cart and place your order.
  • Receive your order confirmation via email, and take note of your order number.
  • Use our Image Upload contact form to send multiple image files.

Have a question? Ask your question with our Contact Us form. We’ll add it to the FAQ list if applicable.

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