How it Works

Step 1. Choose the right digital photo.

The face is up to you, but both the face and the digital photo, need to meet these requirements.

  • Use a digital photo at it’s original size. Web resolution files will produce a poor quality print.
  • Be sure the face is in focus, not blurry.
  • We ONLY except JPEG file format. All digital cameras use or support this format.
    JPEG .jpg
  • Use the proportions shown below to help choose your photo.

Step 2. Submit your order online and upload your digital photo…

You can do this two different ways.

  • Upload your digital photo at time of purchase.

  • Reply to the order confirmation e-mail that you will recieve, and attach your photo file.

Step 3. Confirm your order…

  • We will send you an e-mail with a picture of your chosen face placed as it will appear on The Together Doll™ you ordered.
  • Confirm the address and photo by clicking on the link in the e-mail and we will get The Together Doll™ made and shipped as soon as possible.

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