Customer Story – 00004

We’ve graduated! Well not really, but one of our customers did. She received The Together Doll -Graduation as a gift. It was customized with the year of her graduation, an emblem, and name of her fellowship on the stole. Such a special gift for such an amazing accomplishment.

Question: What do you like about The Together Doll™?
Response: It’s a constant reminder of a very special event in my life!

Question: How would you recommend The Together Doll™?
Response: The together doll takes the ‘photograph’ just one step further allowing a memory to be displayed and/or retained as a keepsake!

Question: How has The Together Doll™ helped?
Response: Obtaining Fellowship in the American Institute of Architects took a lot of hard work, dedication, and tenacity. However, the fabulous ceremony and the “pinch me so I know it’s real” feeling is just a memory. The Together Doll I received from my family keeps that memory alive, and reminds me of how proud my family is of my accomplishment. It makes me smile!

Question: Do you have any ideas for a Together Mission™?
Response: Not right now, but I like the ChildHelp event post. Best of luck!

Additional Thoughts:
Milestones throughout life deserve The Together Doll…


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