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What a perfect way to start our year off right.  It’s our first customer story of 2011!  Seeing The Together Doll™ in action is what makes us so excited to make each and every one! Please send in your stories with our Submit Story form.
Question: What do you like about The Together Doll™?
Response: It’s a way for my 2 year old grandson to know my face and voice, even though we live 1500 miles apart.

Question: How would you recommend The Together Doll™?
Response: I show them around to lots of neighbors and co-workers, as well as on

Question: How has The Together Doll™ helped?
Response: I can’t see my grandson very often, except on Skype occasionally, and
you can’t hug a computer very well. This lets me feel that he will
remember who I am and through my voice and picture, at least have some
sort of relationship with me. Plus he can hug the doll, if he’s in the
mood! 🙂

Customer Story:
I have loved working with the owner/designer of The Together Doll!
When I first thought of a doll of myself to send my far-away grandson,
the company was new and none of the themes worked well for a grandma
(who didn’t want to look like a princess or flight attendant). I told
Ross I like to dress in jeans and sweaters, so that’s what he designed
for me. In the picture I sent him, he noticed I was wearing a
necklace, and came up with a necklace with my name. Since it was for
my grandson, I suggested just a heart necklace, but better yet, he
came up with a heart with my grandson’s name! How cool is that?

It’s true, if you have any ideas for a theme please let us know. We would love to hear from you! Contact Us

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