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Folks, we are so lucky to present our second customer story!  A loving grandmother has graciously submitted an amazing story about The Together Doll™ Navy – Sailor she purchased for her grandson. The Together Doll™ - Customer Story - 00002 Read what she has to say. It’s fantastic!

Question: What do you like about The Together Doll™?
Response: “I love that dolls can be customized and have the voice boxes. Also the different types of outfits. So many choices! The softness of the doll is wonderful – perfect for little ones.”

Question: Would you recommend The Together Doll™?
Response: “Are you kidding? I’m showing it to everyone I see – neighbors, co-workers, friends. Will post a picture and link to Facebook, Navy4Moms and email pix to all my other grandma friends.”

Question: How has The Together Doll™ helped you?
Response: “It helped me find the perfect gift for my grandson. Next, since he is 1500 miles away and I won’t get to see him much, I’ll be ordering a doll with my face and voice. Can’t wait!”

Customer Story:
“I originally looked at the website to get a doll with my grandson’s face. However, when I saw that there was a sailor doll, it was obvious to me that that was the first one I needed to order. My son is in the Navy and will soon go out on a submarine. He has a son who is almost two, and I thought this would be the perfect reminder of Daddy when he’s gone. With the voicebox, my son can record a new message for his child each time he goes to sea. It couldn’t be any more special than that!”


Thank you so much for the wonderful story and pictures! Your pictures show just how a caring person such as yourself can use The Together Doll™. The story is truly heart touching! We wish them both the best, and can’t wait to see what they think of The Together Doll™ with your face and voice.

We love these stories, and your stories are what make The Together Doll™ such a fantastic product.

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