Introducing: The Together Doll™

Welcome to The Together Doll™ grand opening! I’m sure you’re wondering what The Together Doll™ is, and what this whole concept is about. Well, it’s simple. We all send gifts, letters, and all sorts of stuff to the ones we love and we think that is really important. It’s about bringing people together. It’s about connecting, and being together even though we are not. It’s a human necessity, and we want to help! Hence, The Together Doll™!

I bet you’re saying: “You still didn’t tell me what it is!”. and you would be correct! So, let me begin. The Together Doll™ is a custom, hand made, plush doll, personalized with a face of you or a loved one. Use The Together Doll™ to connect with loved ones near and far. Put your face on one and your loved one’s face on another or do the whole family. Swap them, share them, keep them, it’s really fun!

You may ask, why not just use a photo or a photo printed on a coffee mug? Those things are great, but there’s just something about a plush doll.

Can you hug a photo?

Can you sleep with a mug?

Sure maybe, but you may end up with a crumpled picture or worse yet a broken mug. Ouch! It’s just not the same.

Now that you know what The Together Doll™ is then learn more at our What It Is and How It Works pages.

Please visit our Store to see all of The Together Doll™ themes!

But that’s only half of the story! Let me introduce you to the Together Mission.

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  1. shelly says:

    hey hey–lets get are such a doll

  2. Deeta says:

    The Together Dolls are awesome! I want one of each of my grandchildren so that I will always have them near!

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